Unique Boy Names That Start With E

1ErezwaRighteous, Holyیرزوہ
2ErezuHonest, Sincereارزو
3EmaanBelieving in one God in the eyes of Muslims and acknowledging the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad.ایمان
4E’temadFaith, Trustاعتماد
5ErezataSilver, Of Silverیرزاتا
6Esmaeelit is one of the prophets mentioned in Quran.اسماعیل
7EbraheemName of Hazrat Ibrahimابراہیم
9EinasTo be at peaceعیناس
10E’temaadVariant Of E’temad: Faith, Trustاعتماد
12EradatTo intend. To become a discipleاردات
16EjaazMiracle, surprise, surpriseاعجاز
17EysaGod is Salvation, Arabic Form Of Jesusعیسیٰ
19EhrarIndependent Peopleحرار
20EshinUnderstanding mind, Wisdom mindایشین
21EhtemadTrust, certaintyاعتماد
22EimanBelief, religionایمان
23EhtzazTo moveاہتزاز
24Emad WasimPillars, trust, confidence, certaintyعماد وسیم
25Eshan AliHigh moralsCousin Brother of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U. H), Fourth caliph Ali ibn Abi Talibعشان علی
26Ejaz AhmedMiracle. Astonishment.Praise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)اعجاز احمد
27EffendiAn honorific title of the Turksافندی
28Eshan AhmedHigh moralsPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)عشان احمد
29Ejaz AliMiracle. Astonishment.Cousin Brother of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U. H), Fourth caliph Ali ibn Abi Talibاعجاز علی
30Ehsan AliCompassionCousin Brother of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U. H), Fourth caliph Ali ibn Abi Talibاحسان علی
31EshanHigh moralsعشان
32EhanFull moonاحان
33EjazMiracle. Astonishment.اعجاز
35Erena Turkish word meaning saint.ایرن
36ErtugrulClean Hearted, True Heroارتغرل
37EmadIn parsi meaning is : Confidenceعماد
38EsaIn Sanskrit meaning is : Desirable; another name for Visnuعیسی
39EshaanDesiring and wishingعشان
41EliasIn American meaning is : Jehovah is Godالیاس
42Emrea friend who is loving or an older brother.ایمر
43ElyasVariant Of Ilyas: The Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equivalentالیاس
44EisaArabic Form Of Jesusعیسٰی
45Eminit means someone who is trustworthy or confident.ایمن
47Enderin Turkish language it means scarce.اینڈر
48EzazHonor, High, rewardاعزاز
49EbiIn parsi meaning is : Paternalعبی
50EsamIn Hindu meaning is : safeguardاسم
52EbrahimFather Of Manyابراہیم
53EfeOlder brother; one who has massive strength and loveایفی
54EmirCharming princeامیر
55Enayatgrace, kindness or blessing.عنایت
56EranLand Of Aryans, Iranایرن
58EldarOne who is born to fight with fireایلڈر
59ErmanFriend, Godارمان
60EdizOf high position; they have a lavish lifestyleایڈز
61Ejaz HussainMiracle. Astonishment.Good, Handsome, Beautifulاعجاز حسین
62Eshan HussainHigh moralsGood, Handsome, Beautifulعشان حسین
63Ehsan AhmedCompassionPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)احسان احمد
64Ehsan HussainCompassionGood, Handsome, Beautifulاحسان حسین
65EhtiramHonour, Respectإحترام
66Ensarit means helpers.انصار
67EdricVigorous; Robust manایڈریک
68EmetHope, Aspirationsامت
69EesaaVariant Of Issa: The Biblical Jesus Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Nameعیسٰی
70Enverit means bright.اینور
71ErdoganBrave, Warrior Hawk, Or Fighterاردگن
72Emmada leader.عماد
74Erolit means brave.ایرول
75El AminTrustworthyیل امین
76Erginripe, matured or seasoned.ایرگن
77EsfandiarA Character In Shahnamehاسفندیار
78Emryan older brother or a loving friend is signified by this name.ایمری
79ErachBelonging To Iranارچ
80EkbalIn Hindu meaning is : Lord Shiva’s daughterاقبل
81EshaqProphet’s name.عشاق
82EsfandyarA Character In Shahnamehاسفندیار
83Encarnathis name means someone who is blessed or kind.انکارنا
84EasauVariant Of Issa: The Biblical Jesus Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet’s Nameعیسٰی
85ErvadReligious Teacherارواد
86E’jaazMiracle, Astonishmentاعجاز
87Erag goshihPower Of Hearing As Sharp As Thousand Earsارگ گوشہ
88EwaanOf warایوان
89Emreethis name means an older brother or a loving friend.ایمری
90Etemadreliance or trust or confidence in another person.اعتماد
91ErekhshaArcher Who Decided The Boundaries Of Iranیرخشا
92EranvejLand Of Aryansایرانویج
93EsmaeelIshmael (son Of Abraham)اسمعیل
94Esmaila name used for prophets mentioned in Quranic verses.اسماعیل

Muslim Boys Names By Alphabet

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