Unique Baby Girl Names, Indian

Looking for the unique baby girl names, indian for your little girl, here we have a great list of unique baby girl names, indian and we hope that you will find the perfect name for your little girl from our baby name list .

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Unique Baby Girl Names, Indian List

Gender NameMeaningNumerology RashiReligion Popularity
Girl Aadhira Moon light 5 TaurusHindu Popular
Girl Advika Unique 1 Capricorn HinduPopular
Girl Ahana Inner Light 4 Leo HinduPopular
Girl Aishani Goddess Durga6 Aries Hindu Popular
Girl Akshara Immortal7 CancerHindu Popular
Girl Amara Immortal 3AquariusHindu Popular
Girl Ananya Unique 1 Gemini HinduPopular
Girl Arya Noble8 Libra Hindu Popular
Girl Bhavna Feelings9 Leo Hindu Popular
Girl Ishika Sacred7 Libra HinduPopular
Girl Aadhya First Power2Gemini HinduPopular
Girl Aanya Inexhaustible1 LibraHinduPopular
Girl Aarvi Peaceful 6 Sagittarius HinduPopular
Girl Adhira Lightning 9 AquariusHinduPopular
Girl AnikaGraceful 7 Pisces Hindu Popular
Girl Anvi Loving 5 CancerHinduPopular
Girl BhavyaGrand 4 TaurusHinduPopular
Girl Charvi Lovely 3 VirgoHindu Popular
Girl Dia Lamp 2Leo Hindu Popular
Girl Eesha Goddess Parvati6 LibraHinduPopular
Girl Falak Sky 7 Scorpio HinduPopular
Girl Gayatri Divine Mother8 Aries HinduPopular
Girl Hana Happiness5 Pisces HinduPopular
Girl Kaira Peaceful3 TaurusHindu Popular
Girl Khushi Joy9 LibraHinduPopular
Girl LavanyaBeauty 6 Scorpio Hindu Popular
Girl Meher Benevolence 5 CapricornHinduPopular
Girl Navya Young8 Aquarius Hindu Popular
Girl Ojasvi Brightness7 Sagittarius HinduPopular
Girl Pari Fairy2 Gemini HinduPopular
Girl Qiana Gracious6 LeoHindu Rare
Girl Radhika Successful4 VirgoHinduPopular
Girl Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi 3 Libra HinduPopular
Girl Trisha Desire 9 Pisces HinduPopular
Girl Urvashi Celestial Maiden1 AriesHinduRare
Girl Vanya Gracious 6 Scorpio Hindu Popular
Girl Yashika Success 5 CapricornHinduRare
Girl Zara Princess 7 AquariusHinduPopular
Girl Aashi Smile 6 CancerHindu Popular
Girl Aaradhya Worshiped 3 Leo HinduPopular
Girl Adhya First 1 CapricornHinduPopular
Girl Amaira Princess 6 VirgoHindu Popular
Girl Amrita Immortality 9Pisces Hindu Popular
Girl Avani Earth 4 ScorpioHindu Popular
Girl Bhavika Well-behaved7 Aquarius HinduPopular
Girl Chahat Love 3 GeminiHindu Popular
Girl DevikaGoddess6Goddess Hindu Popular
Girl Ekta Unity2 TaurusHinduPopular
Girl Gargi An ancient scholar2Aries Hindu Rare
Girl Hiral Diamond1Virgo HinduPopular
Girl Jhanvi River Ganga8 ScorpioHinduPopular
Girl Kavya Poem4 Cancer Hindu Popular
Girl Lekha Writing2 Gemini Hindu Popular
Girl Mahika Dew Drops 3 Pisces HinduPopular
Girl Nisha Night 7CapricornHindu Popular
Girl Onika Devotional 8 AquariusHindu Rare
Girl Prisha Beloved 3 LeoHinduPopular
Girl Ria Singer4 LibraHindu Popular
Girl Saanika Goddess Lakshmi7 Taurus Hindu Rare
Girl Tanvi Delicate 9 VirgoHinduPopular
Girl Zoya Alive5 Libra HinduPopular
Girl Aarini Adventurous 5 TaurusHindu Rare
Girl Aashna Devoted 3 ScorpioHindu Popular
Girl Anvita Courageous8 PiscesHinduRare
Girl Charu Beautiful6 SagittariusHindu Rare
Girl Eeshita Goddess Parvati 5 CapricornHindu Rare
Girl Farida Precious9 AquariusHindu Rare
Girl Grisha Ray of Light2 LibraHinduRare
Girl HaniyaHappy 6 TaurusHindu Popular
Girl Ila Earth1 Leo HinduPopular
Girl Jivika Life3Sagittarius HinduRare
Girl Lavisha Love 8 Virgo Hindu Rare
Girl Moksha Liberation7 Aries HinduRare
Girl Niranjana Pure 2ScorpioHinduRare
Girl Oorja Energy6 Libra Hindu Rare
Girl Parinita Expert 1 AquariusHindu Rare
Girl Risha Moonbeam5 Gemini HinduRare
Girl Tanika Rope7 Virgo HinduRare
Girl Udyati Elevated 8 Leo HinduRare
Girl Varnika Colored 3 Scorpio Hindu Rare
Girl Yuvika Young Lady 5 Pisces Hindu Rare
Girl ZainaBeauty 6 Taurus HinduRare
Girl Aarna Goddess Lakshmi 1 LibraHinduPopular
Girl Aashiya Smile3 Gemini HinduRare
Girl Amika Friendly2 Aquarius Hindu Rare
Girl Anjika Blessed 6 Leo Hindu Rare
Girl Charushila Jewel 8 ScorpioHindu Rare
Girl Devisha Goddess 3 VirgoHinduRare
Girl Ekisha Unity 1 Libra HinduRare
Girl Falguni Spring 9Pisces Hindu Rare
Girl Gaurika Princess7GeminiHinduRare
Girl Hira Diamond 4 AriesHinduRare
Girl Ira Earth 2 Aquarius Hindu Popular
Girl Jiya Heart 3 VirgoHindu Popular
Girl Kavita Poem 8 LeoHindu Popular
Girl Lekisha Writing5 Libra HinduRare
Girl Mahi River 7 Sagittarius HinduPopular

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