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    Telugu Names And Meaning

    Aditya – Meaning “sun” or “son of Aditi,” often associated with the Sun God.

    Akshara – Signifying “imperishable” or “indestructible.”

    Amara – A name meaning “immortal” or “eternal.”

    Ananya – Representing “unique” or “incomparable.”

    Anjali – Meaning “offering” or “salutation.”

    Arjun – Derived from the name of the legendary archer Arjuna in the Mahabharata.

    Ashwini – Referring to the “horses” or the first Nakshatra in Hindu astrology.

    Bhuvan – Signifying “world” or “universe.”

    Chaitanya – Meaning “consciousness” or “awareness.”

    Charan – Often meaning “feet” or “shelter.”

    Deepika – A name meaning “lamp” or “light.”

    Eesha – Signifying “goddess” or “divine.”

    Gaurav – Meaning “pride” or “respect.”

    Haritha – Referring to “green” or “nature.”

    Ishaan – Representing “sun” or “Lord Shiva.”

    Janani – A name meaning “mother” or “nurturer.”

    Kalyani – Signifying “auspicious” or “benevolent.”

    Karthik – Derived from “Karthikeya,” the god of war in Hindu mythology.

    Lakshmi – Meaning “wealth” or “prosperity,” associated with the goddess of wealth.

    Mahesh – Referring to “great lord” or “Shiva.”

    Nandini – Signifying “joyful” or “delightful.”

    Omkar – A name often associated with the sacred sound “Om.”

    Pranav – Meaning “sacred syllable” or “Om.”

    Raghav – Derived from “Rama,” the hero of the Ramayana.

    Sahana – Representing “patience” or “tolerance.”

    Tarun – Signifying “young” or “youthful.”

    Udaya – Meaning “sunrise” or “beginning.”

    Vani – Referring to “speech” or “voice.”

    Yashoda – A name often associated with the foster mother of Lord Krishna.

    Aditi – Signifying “mother of gods” or “boundless.”

    Akhil – Meaning “complete” or “whole.”

    Amrita – Representing “immortality” or “nectar.”

    Anusha – Referring to “beautiful morning” or “star.”

    Ashwin – Often meaning “light” or “horse tamer.”

    Bhargavi – A name meaning “radiant” or “brilliant.”

    Chandra – Signifying “moon” or “shining.”

    Devi – Meaning “goddess” or “divine.”

    Ekta – Representing “unity” or “oneness.”

    Gopal – Referring to “cowherd” or “Lord Krishna.”

    Harsha – Signifying “joy” or “delight.”

    Ila – A name often associated with the earth and the goddess of speech.

    Jaya – Meaning “victory” or “success.”

    Kamala – Representing “lotus” or “goddess Lakshmi.”

    Karuna – Signifying “compassion” or “mercy.”

    Lavanya – Meaning “grace” or “elegance.”

    Murali – Referring to the “flute” often associated with Lord Krishna.

    Naveen – Signifying “new” or “modern.”

    Omkara – A name meaning “Om” or the sacred syllable.

    Prasad – Meaning “blessing” or “gift.”

    Rahul – Representing “conqueror of miseries” or “efficient.”

    Samira – Signifying “breeze” or “air.”

    Teja – Meaning “radiance” or “brightness.”

    Varsha – Referring to “rain” or “monsoon.”

    Yamuna – A name often associated with the Yamuna River.

    Advaitha – Signifying “non-duality” or “oneness.”

    Akshay – Meaning “indestructible” or “immortal.”

    Amulya – Representing “invaluable” or “priceless.”

    Anuradha – Referring to a Nakshatra in Hindu astrology.

    Ashwarya – A name meaning “prosperity” or “wealth.”

    Bhuvana – Signifying “earth” or “universe.”

    Charitha – Meaning “history” or “narrative.”

    Deepthi – Representing “light” or “brightness.”

    Eshwar – Referring to “God” or “Lord.”

    Gautam – A name often associated with the sage Gautama Buddha.

    Harshitha – Signifying “joyous” or “happy.”

    Indira – Meaning “beauty” or “splendid.”

    Jagan – Representing “world” or “universe.”

    Kaushik – Referring to the sage Kaushika.

    Latha – A name often associated with “creeper” or “vine.”

    Madhavi – Signifying “spring” or “daughter of spring.”

    Namrata – Meaning “modesty” or “humility.”

    Omprakash – Referring to “light of Om” or “divine light.”

    Prithvi – A name often associated with “earth” or “goddess Earth.”

    Rachana – Signifying “creation” or “formation.”

    Sagar – Meaning “ocean” or “sea.”

    Tejaswi – Representing “radiant” or “bright.”

    Vasavi – Referring to “goddess Parvati.”

    Yashaswi – A name meaning “famous” or “renowned.”

    Advaith – Signifying “non-dual” or “unique.”

    Alok – Meaning “light” or “brightness.”

    Amrutha – Representing “immortality” or “nectar.”

    Anvitha – Referring to “knowledge” or “wisdom.”

    Ashwinikumar – A name meaning “the physician of gods.”

    Bhagirath – Signifying “king Bhagirath” or “divine river.”

    Chaitra – Meaning “spring” or “first month of the Hindu calendar.”

    Deepak – Representing “lamp” or “light.”

    Eshwari – Referring to “goddess” or “divine.”

    Gayathri – A name often associated with the Gayatri Mantra.

    Harshini – Signifying “joyful” or “delightful.”

    Indraneel – Meaning “sapphire” or “blue gem.”

    Jagannath – Referring to “Lord of the world” or “Lord Vishnu.”

    Kaushalya – A name meaning “skilled” or “competent.”

    Leela – Signifying “divine play” or “pastime.”

    Madhav – Meaning “Lord Krishna” or “descendant of Madhu.”

    Nandita – Representing “happy” or “joyful.”

    Omkaraya – Referring to “chanting of Om.”

    Pruthvi – A name often associated with “earth” or “goddess Earth.”

    Radhika – Signifying “successful” or “prosperous.”

    Sahastra – Meaning “thousand” or “infinite.”

    Tejaswini – Representing “radiant” or “bright.”

    Vasudev – Referring to “father of Lord Krishna.”

    Yashita – A name meaning “fame” or “glory.”

    Aishwarya – Signifying “wealth” or “prosperity.”

    Akshitha – Meaning “indestructible” or “unconquerable.”

    Amarendra – Representing “king of the gods” or “Lord Indra.”

    Ananya Devi – Referring to “unique goddess.”

    Asmitha – A name meaning “identity” or “self.”

    Bhagya – Signifying “luck” or “fortune.”

    Chandana – Meaning “sandalwood” or “fragrant wood.”

    Deeksha – Representing “initiation” or “dedication.”

    Eswara – Referring to “Lord” or “God.”

    Giri – A name often associated with “mountain” or “hill.”

    Hamsa – Signifying “swan” or “graceful.”

    Inika – Meaning “little earth” or “small world.”

    Jagruti – Referring to “awareness” or “awakening.”

    Kaustubh – A name often associated with Lord Vishnu’s divine jewel.

    Leelavati – Signifying “playful” or “charming.”

    Madhuri – Meaning “sweetness” or “gentleness.”

    Neeharika – Representing “dew drops” or “morning light.”

    Omkari – Referring to “goddess of sound” or “Om.”

    Pranaya – A name meaning “love” or “affection.”

    Raghu – Signifying “swift” or “fast.”

    Sahil – Meaning “shore” or “coast.”

    Tejash – Representing “light” or “radiance.”

    Vatsala – Referring to “affectionate” or “motherly.”

    Yashwanth – A name meaning “famous” or “glorious.”

    Advaya – Signifying “unique” or “inseparable.”

    Akula – Meaning “calm” or “serene.”

    Anvika – Referring to “powerful” or “brave.”

    Ashwath – A name meaning “sacred fig tree” or “peepal tree.”

    Bhairavi – Signifying “goddess Durga” or “fierce.”

    Chakravarthi – Meaning “emperor” or “king of kings.”

    Deepthika – Representing “brightness” or “illumination.”

    Gokul – Referring to “the place where Lord Krishna grew up.”

    Harshith – A name meaning “happy” or “joyous.”

    Ishana – Signifying “Lord Shiva” or “ruler.”

    Janardhan – Meaning “one who bestows boon” or “Lord Vishnu.”

    Kavya – A name often associated with “poetry” or “literature.”

    Lakshman – Referring to “brother of Lord Rama.”

    Madhukar – A name meaning “bee” or “honey maker.”

    Nandini – Signifying “delightful” or “joyful.”

    Omkareswari – Referring to “goddess of Om” or “divine sound.”

    Prarthana – Meaning “prayer” or “devotion.”

    Radha – Signifying “success” or “prosperity.”

    Sahana – Representing “tolerance” or “patience.”

    Tejas – A name meaning “radiance” or “brilliance.”

    Varshini – Referring to “rain” or “monsoon.”

    Yashmitha – Signifying “fame” or “glory.”

    Aadya – Meaning “first” or “primeval.”

    Akanksha – Representing “desire” or “wish.”

    Amruthika – Referring to “immortal” or “nectar-like.”

    Anvi – A name meaning “earth” or “goddess of nature.”

    Ashwini – Signifying “swift” or “fast.”

    Bhavana – Meaning “meditation” or “thinking.”

    Chandrahas – Referring to “smile of the moon” or “Moonbeam.”

    Devika – A name often associated with “goddess” or “deity.”

    Ekagra – Signifying “focused” or “concentrated.”

    Gouri – Meaning “fair” or “white.”

    Harshita – Representing “joyful” or “delighted.”

    Ishika – Referring to “arrow” or “dart.”

    Jaganmohini – A name meaning “enchantress of the world.”

    Kirti – Signifying “fame” or “glory.”

    Lakshya – Meaning “goal” or “aim.”

    Madhumitha – Representing “sweet” or “honey-sweet.”

    Nandish – Referring to “bull” or “vehicle of Lord Shiva.”

    Ojaswini – A name meaning “bright” or “radiant.”

    Prashanth – Signifying “peaceful” or “calm.”

    Radhika – Meaning “successful” or “prosperous.”

    Sahithi – Representing “literature” or “companion.”

    Tejomayi – Referring to “full of light” or “radiant.”

    Varun – A name often associated with “Lord of the sea” or “rain.”

    Yashoda – Signifying “fame” or “glory.”

    Aarav – Meaning “peaceful” or “calm.”

    Akhila – Representing “whole” or “complete.”

    Amith – Referring to “infinite” or “limitless.”

    Anvaya – A name meaning “family” or “lineage.”

    Ashwathama – Signifying “immortal” or “son of Drona.”

    Bhuvaneswari – Meaning “goddess of the universe.”

    Chaitanya – Representing “consciousness” or “awareness.”

    Devanshi – Referring to “divine” or “angel.”

    Ekta – A name meaning “unity” or “oneness.”

    Govind – Signifying “Lord Krishna” or “protector of cows.”

    Harita – Meaning “green” or “nature.”

    Ishaani – Representing “goddess” or “consort of Lord Shiva.”

    Janhavi – Referring to “daughter of Janu” or “Ganga river.”

    Kalyan – A name often associated with “auspicious” or “benevolent.”

    Lakshmi Priya – Signifying “beloved of Lakshmi” or “goddess of wealth.”

    Maheshwari – Meaning “goddess Parvati” or “consort of Lord Shiva.”

    Nandika – Representing “joyful” or “delightful.”

    Pratiksha – A name meaning “awaiting” or “expectation.”

    Radheshyam – Signifying “beloved of Radha and Lord Krishna.”

    Sahithya – Meaning “literature” or “knowledge.”

    Tejashree – Representing “radiance” or “brightness.”

    Vasundhara – Referring to “earth” or “goddess Earth.”

    Yashwant – A name meaning “famous” or “glorious.”

    Advaita – Signifying “non-dual” or “one without a second.”

    Akshita – Meaning “unconquerable” or “indestructible.”

    Amruthavarshini – Representing “nectar-like rain” or “divine blessings.”

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