Christian Girl Names A to Z

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Christian Girl Names A to Z List

Gender NameMeaningNumerologyReligionTrend Pronunciation
Girl AbigailFather’s Joy 3 ChristianClassic A-bi-gail
Girl Chloe Blooming 7 ChristianModernClo-ee
Girl Deborah Bee6 ChristianClassicDe-bor-ah
Girl Faith Trust, Belief 4 Christian TimelessFayth
Girl Grace God’s Favor 9 Christian Classic Grayss
Girl HannahGrace 8 Christian Vintage Han-nuh
Girl Jasmine Fragrant Flower7ChristianModern Jas-meen
Girl Abrielle God is My Strength6 Christian ModernA-bree-el
Girl Beatrice Bringer of Joy 3 ChristianVintage Bee-a-tris
Girl Camilla Young Ceremonial Attendant1 Christian ClassicKa-mi-la
Girl Danielle God is My Judge 8 ChristianTimeless Dan-yell
Girl Felicity Happiness7 Christian Modern Fuh-liss-i-tee
Girl Gabriella God is My Strength6ChristianModern Ga-bree-el-a
Girl HopeTrust, Faith 2 ChristianTimeless Hohp
Girl Isidora Gift of Isis 4 ChristianVintage Iz-i-dor-a
Girl Katerina Pure 7 Christian VintageKa-te-ree-na
Girl Lillian Lily 6 ChristianClassic Lil-lee-an
Girl Madeleine Woman from Magdala 1 Christian Timeless Mad-uh-leen
Girl Naomi Pleasantness 9Christian VintageNay-oh-mee
Girl Olivia Olive Tree 5 Christian ModernOh-liv-ee-uh
Girl Quinn Wise 7 Christian Modern Kwin
Girl Selena Moon Goddess 1 ChristianModern Se-lee-nuh
Girl Theodora Gift from God 3 Christian VintageThee-o-dor-a
Girl Waverly Meadow of Quivering Leaves5Christian Modern Way-ver-lee
Girl Ximena Hearkening 7 ChristianModernXi-meh-nah
Girl Yasmine Jasmine Flower8 Christian Modern Yas-meen
Girl Zara Blossom 2 ChristianModernZah-rah
Girl Amelia Industrious, Striving6 ChristianModernUh-mee-lee-uh
Girl Catherine Pure7 ChristianVintageKa-thuh-reen
Girl Natalie Christmas Day 3 ChristianClassicNuh-tuh-lee
Girl Eleanor Bright, Shining Light5 Christian VintageEe-luh-nor
Girl LydiaWoman from Lydia8 ChristianVintageLid-ee-uh
Girl Hazel Hazel Tree3Christian Modern Hay-zuhl
Girl Stella Star3ChristianModern Stell-uh
Girl Abriella God is My Strength6 Christian Modern A-bree-ell-uh
Girl Phoebe Bright, Pure7ChristianVintage Fee-bee
Girl Delilah Delicate, Weak2 Christian VintageDuh-lye-luh
Girl VioletPurple Flower1 ChristianModern Vye-uh-lit
Girl IsidoreGift of Isis 4Christian VintageIz-i-dor
Girl Aurora Dawn 3Christian ModernUh-roh-ruh
Girl TabithaGazelle 2ChristianVintage Ta-bi-thuh
Girl RebeccaCaptivating , To Bind 6Christian Classic Re-behk-uh
Girl GemmaPrecious Stone 7 Christian ModernJem-uh
Girl EstherStar3Christian Classic Es-thur
Girl ClarissaBright, Clear1Christian Modern Kluh-riss-uh
Girl CeciliaBlind, Unhearing 2 Christian Vintage Seh-seel-ee-uh
Girl Mariana Combination of Mary and Anna 7 ChristianModernMuh-ree-ah-nuh
Girl BethanyHouse of Figs 1 ChristianVintageBe-thuh-nee
Girl GwendolynFair, Blessed Ring 8 ChristianVintageGwen-doh-lin
Girl CassandraShine Upon Mankind6 Christian ClassicKa-sand-ruh
Girl NataliaChristmas Day 3 ChristianModern Nah-tal-ee-uh
Girl Evangeline Bearer of Good News 5 ChristianClassic Ev-an-jeh-leen
Girl Adelaide Noble, Of Good Cheer3Christian VintageAd-uh-layd
Girl Florence Blossoming 4ChristianVintage Flor-uhns
Girl MatildaBattle-Mighty 7 ChristianVintageMuh-til-duh
Girl EdithProsperous in War 5Christian Vintage Ee-dith
Girl MarigoldGolden Flower 1Christian ModernMar-uh-gohld
Girl RosalindGentle Horse 7Christian VintageRo-zuh-lind
Girl Angelica Messenger of God 9 ChristianClassicAn-jel-i-kuh
Girl TheresaHarvester 4 Christian VintageTuh-ree-suh
Girl ValentinaStrong, Healthy6Christian Modern Val-en-tee-nuh
Girl BridgetStrength, Exalted One 3 Christian VintageBrid-jit
Girl Octavia Eighth8 ChristianVintageOk-tay-vee-uh
Girl PriscillaAncient, Venerable 9ChristianVintagePri-sil-uh
Girl IsabelleDevoted to God 5 Christian Modern Iz-uh-bel
Girl PenelopeWeaver 4Christian Modern Puh-nuh-loh-pee
Girl MiriamBitterness2 Christian VintageMuh-ree-uhm
Girl Anastasia Resurrection8 Christian ClassicAn-uh-stay-zhuh
Girl SusannaGraceful Lily9Christian Vintage Soo-zuh-nuh
Girl Victoria Victory9 Christian TimelessVik-toh-ree-uh
Girl Seraphina Fiery, Burning 1 ChristianModern Suh-raf-uh-nuh
Girl VeronicaTrue Image 9 Christian VintageVuh-ron-ik-uh
Girl Emily Industrious, Rival 7Christian ClassicEh-muh-lee
Girl Clara Bright, Clear 6ChristianVintageKla-ruh
Girl RachelEwe 2Christian Classic Ray-chuhl
Girl EvelynDesired, Life 8Christian Timeless Eh-vuh-lin
Girl SophieWisdom 7 ChristianModernSo-fee
Girl Elizabeth God is My Oath 2Christian Timeless E-liz-uh-beth
Girl LilyLily 6ChristianModern Lee-lee
Girl CharlotteFree Woman6 Christian Modern Shar-lut
Girl Audrey Noble Strength8ChristianVintage Aw-dree
Girl Sophia Wisdom 7 ChristianModern So-fee
Girl MiaMine, Bitter 4 ChristianModernMee-uh
Girl ScarlettRed 3 ChristianModern Skar-let
Girl Ava Life8Christian ModernAy-vuh
Girl SofiaWisdom7 ChristianModern So-fee-uh
Girl IsabellaDevoted to God 5 ChristianModern Iz-uh-bel

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