Muslim Boys Names Starting with A

AslanIn turkish meaning is : Lionاسلان
ArsalThe one who was sentارسال
Abdul-hadiVariant Of Abdul-Haady: Servant Of The Guideعبد الحادی
ArshmanPride Of Sky, Price Throne, King Of The Heavensعرشمان
Al AminAn epithet of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)ال امین
AfaqHorizon Collecting Blessedآفاق
Abdul AhadServant of the Oneعبدل احد
AyyanGift Of Godآیان
AabinusEbony, Dark Black Colorآبنوس
AzizNoble, Exalted, Lofty, Extraordinaryعزیز
AbrahamIn American meaning is : Father of a multitudeابراہیم
AshiqLover, Fancierعاشق
AadeelModerate, Virtuousعدیل
AkhiMy Brotherآخی
AnsariRelation through ancestryأنصاري
AshirWealthy, Grateful, Thankfulعاشر
AfrazVery Learned In Divine Lawافراز
AabideenWorshipers, Followersعابدین
AkhilIn Hindu meaning is : Completeآخیل
AreebSkillful, Adroit.اریب
AnisCompanion, Friend, Loverآنیس
AfridiA tribe nameآفریدی
Abu-bakrCompanion Of Muhammadابوبکر
AzadIndependent Freeآزاد
AyyashBread sellerأيش
AdibVariant Of Adeeb: Scholar, Cultured, Civil, Well-manneredادیب
Abdul HannanSlave of the Mercifulعبدل حنان
AzaanCall To Prayer, Power, Strengthآزان
AmmarLong-Lived, God-Fearing, Piousعمار
Abu-TurabClay’s Father, An Attributive Of Caliph Aliبوتراب
ArshanStrong And Brave Man, A Character In Shahnameh (Kavous’ Brother)ارشن
ArshadBetter Guided, Honest, Most Rightly Guided, Most Reasonableارشد
AtifThe kind One, Kind Hearted, Compassionateعاطف
AbirAroma; Strongعابر
AzhaanGeniuses, Intellects, Wits, Abilitiesأذهان
AhnafThe straight path, worshiper of Allahأحنف
AbeerScent, Perfume, Fragranceابیر
AbbasLion, Stern, Serious Grim-Facedعباس
ArabWish, Desireعرب
AabidWorshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knowsعابد
AhsanThe Best Of All, Better, Superior.احسن
AsharWise, Prudent, One Who Has Wisdom, Livelinessاشعر
AdanParadise, Heaven, Garden Of A Heavenعدن
ArafatMount Of Recognitionعرافات
AbanClear, Eloquent, Lucid, Distinctابان
AasimShield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuerعاصم
AhtishamGlory, honor, greatnessاحتشام
ArslanLion, Brave Man, Warrior In Afghanارسلان
AftabThe Sunآفتاب
AqibFinal, Successor, Following, Subsequentعاقب
AadilFairness, Justiceعادل
AbidGod’S Worshipper; God Knowsعابد
AaqibIn Sindhi meaning is : Followerعاقب
AlamThe Whole Worldعالم
AarzamWar, battle, quarrel.رزم
Abdul-rahmanServant Of The Mercifully Graciousعبد الرحمان
AntarRush Boldly In To Dangerعنطر
AtharVery Pious Pureاطہر
AzimGreat, Magnificent, Admirable, Splendidعازم
AasNaga keep names of the leading Sahabiعاص
AneesCompanion Genial Close Friendانیس
Abdur-rahmanVariant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful Manعبد الرحمان
AbabilCrowd, Band, Swallowابابیل
Al FaizName of a Fatimid Caliph.ال فیض
Adeelone who acts with justice and fairness”, “moderate”, “virtuous”, “excellent in characterعدیل
AbubakarIn egyptian meaning is : Noble.ابُو بکر
AhmarRed Coloured.احمر
AftarBreakfast the east.أفطر
Abdul RafayThe Exaulter, To Elevate Rankعبد الرافع
AzalThat Which Does Not Have A Beginningعزال
AjmalExtremely Beautiful, Handsomeاجمل
AalamWorld, Universeعالم
AyubA Biblical Prophet’S Name. Job Is The English Language Equivalentایوب
AnsarCollectting of nasir ,helpfulانصار
AafreenTrustworthy, Excellent, Luckyعفرین
AminTrustworthy, Honestامین
AaidVisitor, Travelerآيد
ArqamWriter, The Best Recorderارقم
AunFriend, Helperعون
Ali RazaThe High, Exalted One, Hopeعلی رضا
ArhamMercy, Compassion, Kindnessارحام
AyanGif Of God, Reward, Blessingآیان
AyaanGift Of God, Reward, Generosityآیان
AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya peopleآریان
AnasAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionshipانس
AzlanLion, Brave, Courageous manازلان
AliEminent, Noble, High In Rankعلی
AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, Blessingعایان
ArishRighteous, Nobel, A Brave Soliderعریش
AdnanSettler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradiseعدنان
AsifForgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierceآصف
AsadLion, Virtuous, Fortunateاسد
AbdullahServant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Fatherعبداللہ
AhadOne, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For Godاحد
AaronExalted One, Enlightened, High Mountainارون
AhmedPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)احمد
AyazCool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmoodایاز
AfanTo Forgive, A Person Who Forgives, Modestعفان
AbrarVirtuous, Pious, Great Manابرار
AmanSafety, Protection, Peaceامان
AhmadPraiseworthy, Commendable, Noble, Admirableاحمد
AhilEmperor, Ruler, Great Leaderآہل
ArsalanLion, Brave man, Warrior In Afghanارسلان
AbaanMountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A Companionابان
AdyanReligious, Pious, Creeds, Plural Of Deenادیان
ArifKnowledgeable, Learned, Expert, Authorityعارف
AzharFlowers, Blossoms, THE MOST SHINING LUMINOUSاظہر
AamirCivilized, Amply Settled, Prosperous, Full of lifeعامر
AzanCall To Prayer, Power, Strengthاذان

Muslim Boys Names By Alphabet

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